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Kickstart My Heart: A Tribute to Motley Crue
Released by Pulse Records

Kickstart My Heart tribute CD, Paul Miles Executive ProducerPaul Miles was Executive Producer of the award-winning CD titled Kickstart My Heart: A Tribute to Motley Crue. This was the world's first tribute CD to Motley Crue.

Production of the CD was project managed and coordinated online with involvement of international bands and Pulse Records in Chicago, USA.

Officially released on 18 January 2000 by Pulse Records, the CD is still available for worldwide shipping from their Impulse Music retail store.

The album was launched via the world's biggest online radio station HardRadio. They played one track from the CD at the top of every hour for the week 28 February to 5 March 2000 with sponsorship from Apple computers.

This tribute CD project was the winner of the 1999 Asia Pacific Western Australia Information Technology & Telecommunications Awards in the Arts/Media/Entertainment category. (Pictured below is Paul Miles receiving his award from the Marketing Manager of Yellow Pages Australia.)

Accepting Award from 'Yellow Pages' State Manager



Chronological Crue

Chronological Crue is produced by Paul MilesPaul Miles is the Producer behind the highly-acclaimed rock website Chronological Crue at that is used by TV networks, music industry journalists and critics as an invaluable reference on Mötley Crüe.

Entirely produced by Paul Miles for 20 years, the website has been considered THE definitive source of fact on the world’s most notorious rock band and its members Tommy Lee, Nikki Sixx, Vince Neil and Mick Mars for over a decade.

After launch in January 1997, the pages of Chronological Crue have been read well-over five million times now. The website has since been featured in many publications around the world, including Japan’s Bass Magazine, Penthouse magazine, hard rockers’ favourite Metal Edge, even the band’s own Electronic Press Kit.

Mighty Mike is produced by Paul MilesPaul Miles was the Producer of - the online site of the entertainment industry's No.1 dwarf Mighty Mike.

From the hard rock of Motley Crue to the dance pop of Britney Spears, midget rocker Mighty Mike is THE ONLY midget in history to have toured the world performing in front of millions of concert-goers, performing with musicians night after night on arena stages across North America, Europe, Japan and Australia since 2005.

As Mighty Mike's Producer, Paul wrote the entire copy for his website with a heavy focus on Search Engine Optimisation for highest possible rankings. All images in the site were digitally enhanced and YouTube videos were incorporated, to produce a top-class lead generating website.

A range of individually focussed micro-sites like,,, and were also produced to create further business opportunities for California-based midget entertainer Mighty Mike.

Professional Web Producer

Some highlights from the professional career of Paul Miles as web producer:

Dec 95: Paul Miles led the first company in Australia providing Internet design and development services to become certified to ISO 9001 as a Quality Endorsed Company by Standards Australia. This successful quality implementation achieved certification for “Consulting, design, development and production of electronic publishing and marketing systems using the Internet and other on-line services.”

Apr 97 - Dec 99: Paul Miles was responsible for the professional management and delivery of Web Solutions and Online Applications projects for OzEmail, Australia's then-largest Internet Service Provider (ISP). As Web Production Manager, he managed a multi-million dollar development project pipeline with national corporate and government clients.

Nov 02: A website that Paul Miles produced for a stock-market software firm was a finalist in the Retailing category of the Ninemsn 2002 Brother Business Website Awards, ”the biggest, richest business website awards in Australia.”

Jul 03 - Jul 05: Paul Miles founded the web development & design company PiXEL iNK MEDiA Pty Ltd, structuring the operations of the business, performing all financial functions, and acting in a client advisory/mentoring capacity. His former partner still runs this company today.



MTV Networks - BIOrhythm: Tommy Lee
Episode 206, 1998

MTV BIOrhythmAs a one-hour musical biography show airing weekly, BIOrhythm debuted on June 30 1998 as the highest-rated music show in MTV's history

Later that year, the producers of the show in the USA engaged Paul Miles to work on research for an upcoming episode on the high-profile celebrity Tommy Lee of Motley Crue. Facts on Tommy's life and activities were researched and verified with production staff as the show was put together, before airing across the US on 10 November 1998.

E! - Heather Locklear: The E! True Hollywood Story
Episode 340, Season 9, 2004

E! True Hollywood StoriesThis Emmy-nominated documentary series offers viewers the real story on the shows, the stars and the secrets of the Hollywood elite. It consistently gives the inside scoop on Tinseltown's steamiest secrets.

Heather Locklear starred on many hit television shows like Dynasty, TJ Hooker, Melrose Place, and Spin City. She was married to Tommy Lee before marrying Richie Sambora.

During 2004, Paul Miles was engaged to provide research and information services for the production team of E! Entertainment Television, Inc. in Los Angeles.

More about this episode from E! >>

VH1 - Behind The Music: Motley Crue
Episode 57, 1998

Behind The Music: Motley Crue - video coverEmmy nominated in 2003 as Outstanding Non-Fiction Series, for the forth consecutive year, VH1’s Behind The Music has taken an intimate look into the personal lives of pop music’s greatest and most influential artists, tracing their struggles, setbacks and successes in more than 150 episodes to date.

Behind The Music features rare and never-before-seen archive video, film and home movie footage, concert clips and songs, plus exclusive interviews with the artists, their families, friends and colleagues. Since its premiere in August 1997, the series has profiled music artists from the ‘50s through today, from Gloria Estefan and Metallica, to Karen Carpenter and Motley Crue, to Cher and Ozzy Osborne, in more than 150 episodes.

While putting together episode 57 on Motley Crue in 1998, the producers engaged Paul Miles to assist them with research and fact verification aspects of the production over the course of two months. (Disappointingly, there was no credit provided in the final works leading to consideration of legal options.)

The following April, this episode was released as a DVD product and has now gone on to be certified Platinum status in the US.

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The Dirt: Confessions of the World's Most Notorious Rock Band
by Mötley Crüe with Neil Strauss

Published by Regan Books
N: 0060392886

Buy The Dirt - the bestselling Motley Crue bookAfter unsuccessfully pitching to Motley Crue's management the idea of turning his history content into a book, Paul Miles was engaged a few years later to analytically assess the manuscript of the Crue’s autobiography as it was in production.

Working on the book's pre-production, Paul Miles proof-read the manuscript and produced a six-thousand word analysis of the text for the authors.

Recommended changes were then made to the manuscript (including the sub-title of the book) prior to its hardcover release on 21 May 2001.

The Dirt then went on to spend a record-breaking ten months on the New York Times best-seller list and is being turned into a feature film for the big screen.

The Acknowledgements section (page 430) contains the following: "The biggest thanks of all goes to the tireless legion of Crueheads, specifically Paul Miles of Chronological Crue, whose list of corrections was almost as long as this book."

Buy this best-selling book now >>

The Leaky Funnel: Earn More Customers by Aligning Sales & Marketing to the Way Businesses Buy
Hugh Macfarlane

Published by Bookman Media
N: 0975116320

The Leaky FunnelThe Leaky Funnel is a marketing strategy book. The production and marketing of this book was managed by Paul Miles, including online sales and retail distribution (incl., Borders, Dymocks, Angus & Robertson).

This business novel is packed with key arguments for a major change in the way businesses organise and manage their combined Sales and Marketing resources. The new framework proposed in this marketing strategy book has now been well proven in many leading businesses as a means of accelerating the effectiveness of their endeavours to earn more customers.

The Acknowledgements section (page viii) contains the following: "Paul Miles for his patient review of the first and last drafts, and unrelenting project management of the production of the book and of the MathMarketing tools which allow users to operationalise the principals introduced in the book."

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The Dirt
The Unbelieveable Story of the World's Most Notorious Band

The Dirt moviescriptThe infamous story of Motley Crue, as presented in their best-selling autobiography The Dirt, has been turned into a Netflix film

Rich Wilkes, screenwriter of Motley’s movie, engaged Paul Miles early in 2005 to assist in verifying the accuracy of his script. After proof-reading and analysing the movie script, corrections and suggested improvements were returned.

Says Wilkes, “Chronological Crue is without a doubt the definitive Motley Crue reference work. I used it extensively in writing the script of The Dirt and I highly recommend it to not only fans of the band, but anyone with an interest in the history of rock n’ roll.

Following the appointment of Larry Charles mid-2006 to direct the film and help the band bring their story to the big screen, Paul Miles was asked to assist production with an archival footage catalogue from his Miles of Metal collection.

Production of the movie was met with challenges over many years, and it wasn't until 22 March 2019 that it was eventually released on Netflix.

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