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Dirty Sweet Rock'n'Roll from the Wild West Coast of Australia

From 1999 through 2002, Paul Miles was the lead vocalist fronting the hard rock band SkinInc. Although the band is no more, on this page you can read the old Bio, download and listen to full MP3 versions of all the songs that were released on CD (just click the song titles), and even check out some video clips of the band rockin 'n' rollin.

SkinInc. featuring Paul Miles on Lead Vocals


Bio from 2001

Once every so often, a band comes along that seems destined for success:

SkinInc. is a modern hard rocking band that grew up on the Wild West Coast of Australia. This quintet's brand of Dirty Sweet Rock’n’Roll is injecting a much-needed shot of loud and heavy rock into a music world saturated with dreadlocked metalheads and disposable pop heroes. SkinInc.'s style is a blend of radio-friendly hooks and melodies, with crunching twin-guitar riffs. Coupled with a theatrical stage production and a no-holds-barred attitude, crowds are quickly turning into fans.

Formed in the winter of '99, SkinInc.’s sizzling debut performance in the heart of Perth's strip broke a ticket sales record that had stood for over two years. For their 4th performance, SkinInc. rocked over 5,000 people at Claremont Speedway’s World Series event (that included perhaps the heaviest version of Australia's National Anthem ever!)

SkinInc.'s biggest performance to date was at Australia's premier music event: the sold-out 35,000 W.A. leg of the Big Day Out festival. National music TV personality Jabba wrote, "SkinInc.'s set had to be seen to be believed … far out" in his online review of the event... not bad for the band's 12th gig.

Their entertaining live shows feature intro music composed and produced by an ARIA Award nominee. Visual dramatics provide eye-candy for punters, including the turbo-charged smoking Drum Rod and the occasional birthday-suit approach by skinsman Matt Franklin, as well as triple fire-spits over the crowd by experienced lead guitarist, Stevie D.

SkinInc.  (L-R: Geoff Lewis, Stevie D, Paul Miles, Matt Franklin, Corey Hodgetts)Fronting the band is the charismatic Paul Miles, who recently won a prestigious award for CD production excellence, and was also honoured to write the liner notes in the double-Live album from a band that has sold over 40 million albums worldwide to date. Fans have drawn his resemblance as a cocktail of Iggy Pop, Alice Cooper and Doc Neeson. SkinInc.'s anthemic choruses are rounded out by Corey Hodgetts on rhythm guitar, and the pounding bass playing of Geoff Lewis.

A week after their first performance, SkinInc. recorded 9 catchy and diverse tracks in the studio, releasing 7 of them on their self-financed, independent debut EP Love Me Tomorrow of which Australia's biggest free weekly magazine said is "a slick release" and "lowdown dirty fun for the revhead in all of us." The CD Launch drew sponsorship from good friend Jack Daniel's, The Tatt Shop, and Universal Music Australia. Fans could also purchase a Limited Collectors Edition of the CD, that came complete with signatures and a very piece of the bands own 'skin ink leftovers' for a personalised touch.

Reward for their explosive beginning came when SkinInc. was chosen to help acknowledge the 20th anniversary of the passing of AC/DC front man Bon Scott, who now rests locally in Fremantle Cemetery. The band contributed their cover version of the classic Touch Too Much for an internationally-distributed memorial Hometown Tribute CD. On the strength of their version, GOH International asked SkinInc. to return to the studio to record a track for their forthcoming INXS Tribute CD, set to be released late in 2001.

While tracks from Love Me Tomorrow continued to enjoy spins at radio across Australia and abroad, as well as play at Australia's longest-running hard music club in Melbourne, and a heap of MP3 downloads online from their strong Internet presence, work progressed on a swag of new material. Instead of waiting for label interest from afar as Belgium and The Netherlands to fully mature, SkinInc. strutted on to self-record and produce their debut full-length independent album Rose Coloured Glasses, released in the middle of 2001. 

Not content with just serving up 13 tracks of beautifully packaged, sing-along rock and raw emotion, Rose Coloured Glasses also dishes up multimedia delights to enhance the SkinInc. experience, including the full-length video clip to opening track Diatribe as seen on music television across Australia.

Success is not simply a matter of luck!

SkinInc. photo collage


Rose Coloured Glasses
enhanced CD, 2001 | Catalogue: SI-7546 462

Written, recorded and fully-produced by SkinInc. In addition to the 13 audio tracks, this Enhanced Compact Disc includes interactive content, featuring the full-length video clip of Diatribe, photos and much more.

Released 23 June 2001
Produced & Engineered by Stevie D & SkinInc.
Recorded & Mixed at SLAM Studios - June to December 2000
Video by Kerrie Wilhusen at Aurora Productions

1. Diatribe  | 2:55 | Music, Corey Hodgetts & Stevie D - Lyrics, Corey Hodgetts & Paul Miles

2. Same Old Same  | 3:40 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

3. Committed A Crime  | 4:18 | Music & Lyrics, Corey Hodgetts

4. Love Me Tomorrow (New Version)  | 2:57 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

5. Idle Hero (I'll Never Give In)  | 3:59 | Music, Geoff Lewis - Lyrics, Paul Miles

6. I'll Be The Rocket  (New Version)  | 3:53 | Music & Lyrics, Stevie D

7. Seven Needle Scratch  | 3:27 | Music, Corey Hodgetts & Clint Ackerman - Lyrics, Paul Miles

8. Under Your Spell  | 5:00 | Music, Geoff Lewis - Lyrics, Paul Miles

9. You Take It All  (New Version)  | 3:01 | Music & Lyrics, Corey Hodgetts

10. Believer  | 2:54 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

11. Never Turn Away  | 1:46 | Music & Lyrics, Corey Hodgetts

12. When You're Lonely  | 3:38 | Music & Lyrics, Lino Del Roio, Camillo Del Roio, Paul McCarthy | Original version by Boys

13. Swan Song  | 3:50 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

69. Live Intro Music | 0:53


AC/DC Hometown Tribute (Various Artists) - Touch Too Much
Oracle Records, 2000 | Catalogue: GOH003CD

Original version on AC/DC's Highway To Hell album released August 1979 on Alberts Records.

"This compilation has been released to honour the 20th anniversary of the death of Bon Scott, the greatest Australian rock legend ever. How fitting to see twelve bands from his home town honouring their hero by contributing their fave all time AC/DC track. This album manages to embody the spirit of AC/DC"

Released 24 December 2000
Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Anthony Kitson at Pinnacle Recording Studio
Remastered by Dom Pasalaqua at Aqua Audio
Recorded 11 November 1999

Other artists: Kayjun, Greenroom, Left Nut, FULL, Stoneface, Navarone, Wax Tadpole, Mutt, Black Steel, Rawkus, Scott Arnold-Eyres

8. Touch Too Much  | 4:36 | Music & Lyrics, Young, Young & Scott


INXS Hometown Tribute (Various Artists) - Just Keep Walking
Oracle Records, 2001 | Catalogue: GOH005CD

On 13 October 1980, the debut album for INXS was released. Self titled, the album lifted the band's second single Just Keep Walking in the same month. The single reached a credible #38 on the Australian national charts. INXS began an extensive tour of Australia's east coast, playing Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, often seven nights a week.

Recorded, Mixed & Mastered by Adam Keane at Survival Studios
Recorded 29 July 2000

Other artists: Crawlspace, SuperScope, Dr. F, Joob, Precious Stone, Matthew Delahunty, Splinta, Thrust, Lloyd, Myrtle, Hazel Bionic

9. Just Keep Walking  | 2:53 | Music & Lyrics, Andrew Farriss


Love Me Tomorrow
Debut EP, 2000 | Catalogue: SI04169

SkinInc.'s blistering self-financed, independent debut CD Love Me Tomorrow containing 7 tracks of powerhouse rock'n'roll.

Also released as a Limited Collectors Edition including your very own piece of the band (in the form of 'leftovers' from their own personal skin inkings) plus CD signed by all members to complete the personalised touch!

Released 8 April 2000
Produced by SkinInc. and ABK Engineered by Anthony B Kitson
Recorded & Mixed at Pinnacle Recording Studio - 17 October 1999

1. I'll Be The Rocket | 3:52 | Music & Lyrics, Stevie D  

2. Only The Best | 3:29 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

3. Love Me Tomorrow | 2:54 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

4. You Take It All | 2:53 | Music & Lyrics, Corey Hodgetts

5. Life | 2:22 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Corey Hodgetts

6. Keep On Movin' On | 2:54 | Music, Stevie D - Lyrics, Paul Miles

7. Whip It | 2:21 | Music & Lyrics, Bob Casale & Mark Mothersbaugh | Original version by Devo

Radio Ad for Love Me Tomorrow CD Launch | 0:33



Here is a bunch of SkinInc. videos for you to watch, including live performances and promotional clips. Videos will pop open in a new window (so make sure your browser allows pop-ups from this website). Enjoy!



Promotional video clip for the SkinInc. song Diatribe, as seen on Rage - Australia's best national music television show. The song was the first single from the Rose Coloured Glasses album and was also featured on the Enhanced component on the CD. (Runtime 2:54)
Promotional video clip for the SkinInc. song Committed A Crime, as seen on Rage - Australia's best national music television show. The song was the second release from the Rose Coloured Glasses album. (Runtime  4:12)
Promotional video clip for the SkinInc. song I'll Be The Rocket, taken from the band's debut EP Love Me Tomorrow. It includes some live footage on stage at the Babylon Hotel in East Victoria Park, Western Australia on 5 January 2000. (Runtime 3:58)
SkinInc. performing Love Me Tomorrow live on the in-field of Claremont Speedway in Perth, Western Australia during a World Series event on 26 November 1999. This was the band's fourth gig and included a performance of the Australian National Anthem to kick off the meet of international sprintcar drivers. (Runtime 4:32) Shot by Greg Davies.
A snippet of SkinInc. performing Same Old Same at Amplifier bar in Perth, Western Australia on 18 January 2002. This was the second song of the set for the launch of the band's Rose Coloured Glasses album. (Runtime 1:30)
A snippet of SkinInc. performing Swan Song at Amplifier bar in Perth, Western Australia on 18 January 2002. This was at the end of the set winding-up the launch of the band's Rose Coloured Glasses album. (Runtime 0:50)
A snippet of SkinInc. performing the AC/DC classic Touch Too Much at the Newport Hotel in Fremantle, Western Australia on 5 December 1999. The studio recording of our version was included on the AC/DC Hometown Tribute CD distributed internationally. (Runtime 1:45)


The Barbary CorsairsBARBARY CORSAIRS

Perth Hardcore Punk Metal

This was my first band, formed with some mates early in 1987, the year after I finished High School.

The line-up was: Paul Miles (vocals), Andrew Parry (guitar), Paul Majewski (guitar), Terry Mellor (bass), Jon May (drums).

We were essentially a punk band, but listened to a lot of metal as this was the days of hardcore 'crossover' and this was evidenced in our music. We all generally dug the pirate look and adopted elements of this theme for our image.

We started playing gigs with an aggressive cover set of some of our favourite tracks at the time that included:

  • Paul Miles fronting The Barbary Corsairs in 1987Lycanthropy - G.B.H.
  • Foreign Policy - Fear
  • Freedom of Choice - Devo
  • World War II - English Dogs
  • We Can't Be Beaten - Rose Tattoo
  • Action Woman - The Litter
  • Price of Silence - Discharge
  • Only Good For Conversation - Sixto Rodrigeuz
  • Institutionalized - Suicidal Tendencies

Our first gig was at The Stoned Crow in Fremantle, Western Australia on Saturday 12 September 1987. We set a new attendance record for the venue that night, as we headlined with Stool Pigeons playing in support.

We quickly wrote our own songs that worked themselves into our sets, like:

  • The Trooper
  • Satan's Decomposing
  • Pirates From Hell
  • Victim of the Sea

As we started listening to more thrash metal, we played gigs in support of Cremator - Perth's premier speed metal band of the day signed to Waterfront Records, playing venues such as The Fitzgerald and The Beaufort Hotel (Lone Star).

Barbary Corsairs unfortunately fell apart, before our original songs could be captured in a studio recording session. Drummer Jon May was the only member to immediately continue playing in bands. I would sometimes get on stage with Cremator and sing their encore song: a cover version of United Forces by Stormtroopers of Death (S.O.D). Cremator's drummer, Russell Hopkinson, has since earned success with the ARIA award-winning You Am I.

Four years later, a compilation titled Yuppify or Die: Perth Punk Compilation - 20 Bands (1983-1990) was released. It featured three songs by Barbary Corsairs, recorded live on stage and during a rehearsal. This cassette stayed at number one on the Western Australia Independent Album Sales chart for some weeks in February 1991.





Here is a shot of me belting out High Voltage with Melbourne's premier AC/DC tribute band - Thunderstruck - as I emceed an Australian promotional launch of the Thunderstruck DVD movie at the Portland Hotel early in 2005.


Here is a shot of me helping out Toby Rand during a Juke Kartel performance at an Ed Hardy clothing label launch party on Chapel Street, Melbourne on 22 June 2007.

Helping Toby Rand out with some vocals at an Ed Hardy clothing label party

Getting up for a number with all-female rock band Rocket Queen at the infamous Cherry bar in ACDC Lane, Melbourne on 13 March 2010.

Paul Miles singing with Rocket Queen at Cherry bar in ACDC Lane Melbourne 2010

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